Your knowledge is your only USP.

It is the driving force behind every evolution and revolution taking place in your industry and yet organisational knowledge is a hard topic to discuss without resorting to overused metaphors about icebergs… Why? Nine times out of ten the reality of enterprise KM is a glorified filing system. The irony being that despite all the resources going in, it becomes information strong but knowledge weak.


The 12 Maxims of Knowledge Management each reveal a core truth about how successful organisations leverage knowledge to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition.


Meaningful change takes time but that doesn’t mean it has to be convoluted. By striking at the heart of some key stumbling blocks in the way of organisations across the world, we aim to use each maxim to impart insights you can use to make lasting change in your organisation. These maxims are not bound to any one industry, quite the opposite; they represent law-like principles that have worked in various business units, across businesses, spanning a variety of markets and industries to instigate disruptive progress. Progress that saves time, empowers people and strengthens processes. Progress you should do something about.

Most importantly, this series is not about distributing a one-way message; we want to hear what you think. Do you agree? Disagree? Does your organisation do it better? In any case, we want to hear about it. After all, “knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly or it vanishes.” – Peter Drucker.


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