Maxim 2: Knowledge Integration is the New Frontier for Knowledge Management.

  Organizational Change and Survival of the Fittest “Survival of the fittest” does not refer to the physically strongest and/or mentally sharpest genetic lottery winners. Rather, it describes species that learn to adapt and function in any unpredictable environment. Our … Read More

Un-defining Knowledge Management Post-Event Press Release

Last week’s mini-conference on “Un-defining Knowledge Management” at GCU’s New York campus in Lower Manhattan was a great success. Thought leaders covering a range of backgrounds from HR and Market Research to Education and IT came together with different perspectives … Read More

StorageWars – Inform vs. Perform

  For enterprise information to make the workforce perform better, it needs to actively accelerate the process of capturing, creating and developing knowledge of the workforce to produce better outcomes. A huge part of this is having a system that … Read More

Maxim 1: A Knowledge Management platform is only as good as its outcomes.

Knowledge Management as an Input Many Knowledge Management (KM) platforms focus on collecting organizational information, or input: Storing, organizing, and sharing (STOS) information is viewed and practiced as a primary purpose of KM. These functions of STOS are not new … Read More

StorageWars – Information vs. Knowledge

Most businesses operate in a ‘more is better’ paradigm. More data means more information, more information means more knowledge, more knowledge means more success…  Sounds perfect! It makes the jobs easier! Quantities are concrete, tangible, they are black and white; … Read More

12 Maxims of Knowledge Management

Your knowledge is your only USP. It is the driving force behind every evolution and revolution taking place in your industry and yet organisational knowledge is a hard topic to discuss without resorting to overused metaphors about icebergs… Why? Nine … Read More