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Knowledge Management (KM) definitions and practices differ across various applications and organizations. Our practices of KM extend beyond knowledge sharing and knowledge classification. MindAppster’s products support participants in problem solving and with creating new knowledge/resources through integration and individualized collaboration.


Individualized Collaboration presents participants with an opportunity to develop ideas within “Idea Incubation Spaces” while drawing from support provided by other participants in their community.


We approach the concept of Integration similar to that of a chemical change: two (or more) elements are “integrated” to create a qualitatively new element. Similarly, two (or more) knowledge elements can be integrated to create a new idea — be it to solve a problem or to advance organizational knowledge.


We take knowledge management to the next level – beyond content sharing and discussion threads: unique algorithms for knowledge and idea integrations drive user collaboration to grow organizational knowledge via problem solving and innovation.

We are a company expert in customizing knowledge management apps. In addition to our product line, we also provide consulting on knowledge management for innovation.

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Our brains take in, process, and share knowledge. When we want to improve that knowledge, we communicate it to others and let them process it. Conversely, we open our minds for others to communicate their knowledge to us.

We create apps that allow an individual to manage this knowledge with input from the community. MindAppster products support creative knowledge management processes that occur in real time.

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Cinteg is a knowledge management app, invented to filter the “add more” philosophy of knowledge management and shift into an “integrate and focus more” modality. Cinteg resolves that knowledge is based not on quantitative change on the amount of information, but in qualitative changes resulting from the integration of ideas.


Coming Soon: C-Mi is an app designed for people to share their knowledge and interests with other likeminded people.

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MINDAPPSTER products were born on a university campus for university use — we are EdTech from the “Ed” side.  We seek to create the university of the future, not in small increments, but by creating apps to allow us to take the teaching and learning methodologies to the next point.

Our flagship product, Cinteg, pioneers innovative academic directions as it allows all campus stakeholders (faculty, staff, students) to generate and collaborate on interdisciplinary integrations within a course, a degree program, or an entire campus.  As a result, you take your General Education courses to the next level; you can create interdisciplinary programs without having to finance a building or invest in other aspects of your geo-physical plant; you can have a tool that supports a First Year Book Program or other academic initiative without your IT department having to find infinite workarounds in your traditional LMS.

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