EMERGENCE. We believe that great new ideas do not magically appear (we shun parthenogenesis); rather they emerge from the integration of existing units of knowledge.  Fleming did not invent bread or mold, but he did invent penicillin (Darwin is cool too — we will explore his epistemological journey in one of our posts).

COMPLEXITY. “Complex” is not a synonym of “complicated.” Learning is a complex system where the simple agents of knowledge gain their power through their integrations (units of information get integrated into new knowledge and innovative solutions).  We believe that learning is not a product but an emergent behavior.  Just as our brain functions on synapses building connections, so too should our learning.

INTEGRATION. We believe that transdisciplinarity is the key to the future of learning and organizational  knowledge management.  How do people win Nobel prizes in fields they don’t have a degree in?  They apply the methodology of one discipline into another.  How do we know that the areas we research don’t have their answers in another discipline when we only read the journals in our own discipline?

Those beliefs are at the core of all MINDAPPSTER products.  Let’s integrate our ideas and create innovative solutions.
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MINDAPPSTER products were born on a university campus for university use — we are EdTech from the “Ed” side.  We seek to create the university of the future, not in small increments, but by creating apps to allow us to take the teaching and learning methodologies to the next point.


GenEd 2.0 pioneers innovative academic directions as it allows all campus stakeholders (faculty, staff, students) to generate and collaborate on interdisciplinary integrations within a course, a degree program, or an entire campus.  As a result, you take your General Education courses to the next level; you can create interdisciplinary programs without having to finance a building or invest in other aspects of your geo-physical plant; you can have a tool that supports a First Year Book Program or other academic initiative without your IT department having to find infinite workarounds in your traditional LMS.

GenEd 2.0

GenEd 2.0 is a Mobile LMS designed to increase student learning within a general education curriculum. GenEd 2.0 supports integrated studies and integrated curriculum initiatives by allowing students and faculty suggest and explore “Linkages” between topics and disciplines.


Cinteg is an enterprise level Cross-Functional Knowledge Management application that supports teams and organizations with integrating expert knowledge across diverse fields into uniform solutions.


C-Mi is a proximity-based app designed to support retention on college campuses, high quality of social connections in the workplace, and create opportunities for connections in the global community.

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