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Last week’s mini-conference on “Un-defining Knowledge Management” at GCU’s New York campus in Lower Manhattan was a great success. Thought leaders covering a range of backgrounds from HR and Market Research to Education and IT came together with different perspectives and experiences to discuss state of the art Knowledge Management (KM). What they discovered was rather unexpected…


Knowledge Management Needs to Defy Convention

Storing more information in the hope of harvesting more knowledge is misguided, and frequently leads to stagnant silos of largely inaccessible or unusable knowledge. Despite being the common practice among the majority of organisations, this quantitative approach seems to serve only as a partial solution to the challenges of creating, harvesting, challenging and improving knowledge management in competitive knowledge-based organisations.

Despite these diverse backgrounds, differing interpretations and varying vocabularies there was a common theme that successful knowledge management is underpinned by leaner, more dynamic approaches that avoid stagnating information and encourage seamless communication across a range of people within the organisation.

While accessibility has long been a key focus of knowledge management processes and platforms, communication has often been relegated to a lesser function. Speakers and discussions this week supported communication’s leading role in the future of effective practice as seamless access, sharing and challenging of ideas is a key driver to the quality of KM outcomes. An important distinction within was that communication should encourage focus on the ideas themselves as opposed to the persons making them.


Beyond Un-defining Knowledge Management

As organizers, we would like to thank all sponsors, delegates, online viewers and the tremendously committed team that helped make the event one to remember. From the participation of delegates and webinar viewers to the tremendous feedback on the speakers, we are grateful and proud.

The aim was to create an opportunity to share, challenge and improve thinking around knowledge management in a practical and impactful way – we believe this has been achieved but it does not stop here. Further discussions are ongoing within Cinteg and indeed online.

For those who missed the event, the full webinar will be available to view through the MindAppster events website shortly. To stay in touch and be part of the KM conversation, we welcome you to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


UKM Speakers Recap

Dr. Michael Merrill, Director of Rutgers LEARN on “The Digital Unconscious and Epistemological Asymmetry.

Nicole Walden, Managing Director of the Michael Cohen Group on “Knowledge Management As The New Competitive Advantage: Is Your Organization Busting Silos or Tilting at Windmills?”

Dr. Robert Clougherty & Viktoria Popova, CSO and COO of MindAppster, Inc. on “MindAppster: 12 Maxims of Knowledge Management.

Dr. Michael Cohen, President of the Michael Cohen Group on “The Tower of Silos or The Modern Tower of Babel: Knowledge Communication in 21st Century High Performance Organizations.

Lisa Sax Mahoney, Director at National College Credit Recommendation Service on “Strategies for Assessing Knowledge in the Workplace.