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Organizational Change and Survival of the Fittest

“Survival of the fittest” does not refer to the physically strongest and/or mentally sharpest genetic lottery winners. Rather, it describes species that learn to adapt and function in any unpredictable environment.

Our ancestors lived in a predictably unpredictable environment. They knew what predictable dangers may unpredictably befall on them. For example, they were acutely aware which animals they may encounter and what behaviors are likely to result in survival — and maybe even a nice dinner.

Today, and even more so moving forward, the environment that organizations strive to succeed in is unpredictably unpredictable. Swift socio-cultural changes fueled by exponential growth of information technology result in unprecedented challenges and require unique solutions. How can organizations adapt to the unpredictability of the changing environment?

The challenge of any change is being able to function simultaneously in two realities: past practices and impending changes. Knowledge and practices of the past cannot be entirely obliterated with an advent of new  societal demands; rather, they need to find such an intricate state of integration, where they don’t simply coexist but merge to create new solutions. The Art of Knowledge Integration is a new frontier for knowledge management in the times of unpredictably unpredictable changes.

Innovation by Way of Integrating Knowledge Resources

The best way to make the unpredictable predictable is to have the appropriate array of knowledge to face it; but to do so, you (as an organization) need to know what knowledge you have available. The most valuable knowledge is not what you haven’t purchased or the subscription you haven’t paid for, but the workforce you have hired that is the essence of your business.  Thus, step one will always be to “take an inventory” so that you know what you have.  How often do you think people are paying huge sums for consultants — not because they don’t have the knowledge in-house, but because they don’t know what they have (even though they pay for it every month).

To support organizations as they embrace the normalcy of external change, we developed a Knowledge Management mobile solution: Cinteg. Cinteg captures your internal knowledge and turns unpredictability into a driving force for innovation. Cinteg-supported organizations can thrive in unpredictably unpredictable environment with predictable success.

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