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EDUCAUSE Preview: MindAppster Is Blowing Up The “Filing Cabinet” Approach To Knowledge Management

MindAppster Is Disrupting Knowledge Management Through Social and Integration

Mindappster-KM-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: MindAppster Is Blowing Up The "Filing Cabinet" Approach To Knowledge Management

When you ask somebody to define Knowledge Management, chances are you are going to get a wide range of answers. Most of those answers will revolve around the notion that knowledge management is about storing information, creating “filing cabinets” if you will, where all the knowledge for something is stored.  That idea isn’t necessarily wrong, but it’s been due for a disruption for quite sometime.

Rooted in the fact that people today are more into integration, social sharing and collaboration, MindAppster is a New York startup that is creating state of the art knowledge management apps encompassing those ideas. When it comes right down to it, in it’s simplest form, MindAppster answers the question, “you’ve got all this knowledge, now what are you going to do with it”. At the enterprise level, MindAppster also encourages companies to use their most valuable asset, their employees, to contribute to the knowledge base. Throw that all together in a pot and two apps, Cinteg, and the forthcoming C-Mi rise to the top.

Cinteg is an integrative knowledge management app for any enterprise or organization that wants to put personalized knowledge management in the hands of their users. It allows anyone in the enterprise or organization (with permission) to access knowledge anytime from anywhere. Users can contribute, to the knowledge base from anywhere as well. This helps employees at any level, make informative, knowledge based decisions.

The multi-platform Cinteg app also serves as a place for knowledge incubation, creating an environment where users can contribute to the knowledge base, foster ideas and problem solve through individualized collaboration. This ensures that the right minds are working together on the right tasks.

C-Mi is a new kind of knowledge management app. It’s the first of it’s kind, social knowledge management, sharing app.  The app is designed for people to share their knowledge and interests with other like minded people nearby. It’s perfect for people at events, conferences and on college campuses.

Have you ever used Quora and really gotten into a thread where another person or maybe a handful of people were on the same page with you and they got it? Imagine you were on a liberal arts college’s campus and you were discussing history in modern times, and your views, insights or just general knowledge clicked with another person or a few people. C-Mi allows the user to send a push notification to the other users to see if you can take that conversation off-line. This is the art of knowledge management integration and personalized collaboration at work, and now in person.

There are a lot of apps out there that connect people for their love of sports, the outdoors, crafting or even looks. C-Mi is about getting like minded people to have interesting discussions fact to face and contributing to each other’s knowledge base.

MindAppster is the future of knowledge management. See the future at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 30th – November 3rd and online at mindappster.com