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Match Wits With C-Mi

C-Mi Is A New Kind Of Matching App, See It At EDUCAUSE

mindappster-cmi-matching-EDUCAUSE-top Match Wits With C-Mi

EDUCAUSE is just weeks away now. We’ve been covering some of the great companies and startups that will be in Philadelphia for the huge event, for weeks. One of those companies is MINDAPPSTER.

Mindappster is a knowledge ecosystem unlike any other out there today. Many knowledge platforms are about collecting and storing knowledge and then it doesn’t go beyond that. Mindappster is focused on providing innovative solutions and interdisciplinary integrations to make use of that knowledge.

Sharing and collaborating are just two ways that knowledge can be integrated. The Mindappster ecosystem is dynamic and includes assessments of integrations, beyond simple sharing and collaborating that can drive change. In education these integrations drive course, curriculum and student development in ways never thought of before.

Mindappster provides tools that drive interdisciplinary education. Colleges, universities and their faculty have been working on developing different interdisciplinary approaches to help today’s students. Millennials and Gen-Z students come from a very self centric focused time. They are also used to finding things out on their own. This can be very limiting as employers are looking for versatile thinkers, not robotic thinkers.

modolabs-banner Match Wits With C-MiOne way that Mindappster is helping with this phenomenon is through their app called C-Mi.  C-Mi is a new kind of matching app. Of course post millennial students and Gen Zers are used to apps like Tinder and Bumble. These apps are designed for dating of course. C-Mi is a matching app designed to help match people based on academia and knowledge, where two people could benefit from one another.

With C-Mi users create a profile based on interests, thoughts and ideas. Often these profile characteristics can stem from what students are studying. When the user is somewhere like the student union, student center or a coffee shop C-Mi performs a proximity based search matching the criteria in the profiles. When there is a match the app asks if each user wants to meet up for a conversation.

Robert Clougherty, the co-founder of Mindappster and the Founding Dean for Glasgow Caledonian University New York, and I discussed what this would look like in real life. In a phone conversation we had, Clougherty brought up a photo I had posted to social media of a retro video game that I enjoyed. In fact retro gaming is one of my favorite hobbies and interests, It’s his as well.

retro-videogames-mindappster Match Wits With C-MiIn this day and age if Clougherty had come up to me playing Space Invaders, Breakout or Centipede, at a video gaming bar or coffee shop, I would have probably thought he was creepy, or picking me up. With C-Mi we would be more likely to spark a friendship over our enjoyment of retro video games.

We’ve all been there in college, a heated discussion starts in a lecture, and we want to continue that discussion after class with a student that either strongly supported or strongly opposed our view. C-Mi makes it easier to meet that student for discussion. For post millennial and Gen-Z students, it also takes that crazy edge off.  I know of many instances where my colleagues or I have been in discussions with someone of the opposite sex over something on Twitter. You’re not hitting on that person you’re just having a discussion but our brains are so tuned to think of this in a romantic way, often missing the best parts of the discussion, consumed by flirting or turning someone down.

C-Mi is going to help create the first generation of collaborative mind share, well beyond discovery.

Find out more from the Mindappster team in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3 and online here at mindappster.com 

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