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    Managing Complexity in the Knowledge Economy

Your Knowledge Management App

Enterprise Knowledge Management just got personal.


Enable assets to access knowledge at any time from anywhere.


Ensuring knowledge is handled and managed effectively and responsibly.


Empower assets for knowledge-driven decision making.


Distill and leverage enterprise knowledge on demand.


Ensuring tailored content configuration for every user group or individual.


Leverage Cinteg’s Knowledge Management unique methodology for rapid development and synthesis

Think INSIDE the Box!

Use the tools you already have in your box: Your internal organizational knowledge resources (explicit knowledge) and expertise of your employees (tacit knowledge).

We work with you to apply integrated thinking and cross-functional knowledge management to find solutions across organizational knowledge resources.

Cinteg as a Systems Thinking Tool

Cinteg is a systems thinking and collective intelligence app designed to create a knowledge eco-system for interdisciplinary and cross-functional connections.

Cinteg takes participants to the next level by shifting the paradigm of engagement with content/knowledge from linear activities to systems thinking explorations.

Why not try it for yourself.

Challenges in Organizational KM

Cinteg is designed to address three critical challenges for an emerging generation of organizational knowledge management:

1. How to adapt and succeed in the changing environment;
2. How to manage information overload;
3. How to manage information for complex multi-functional organizations.

Cinteg has been developed to support organizations along all three challenges by focusing on relevant knowledge assets and integrating them into new solutions by way of cross-functional integrated management, or management of knowledge assets across organizational silos for the purpose of problem solving and innovation.

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