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What is C-Mi?

Have you ever sat in a coffee shop and wondered how many people around you have the same interests and are thinking about similar ideas?  Have you ever wished you could know which of the thousands of people you walk past every day holds knowledge that will get you closer to finding a solution ?  C-Mi allows you to “C”  like-minded people in the crowd of strangers.

You create your profile of your interests, thoughts, and ideas in the system and when someone who shares those is near by, C-Mi notifies you.  If you go to a location such as a coffee shop or book store that has a C-Mi hub, you can connect to those in that hub at no cost.  If you want C-Mi to be with you around the globe at all times, simply take on a monthly subscription.

When someone close by is a “match”, C-Mi asks the two of you if you have time for a conversation about the topic of your match. If you are too busy, no connection occurs. You don’t see each other’s data; if the two of you want to exchange information, that’s up to you.  It isn’t about photos or dating profiles cast out for the world to see; it is simply two individuals with a common interest saying hello, or choosing to have an in-depth conversation, face-to-face. C-mi is about “Ceeing” each other for who they really are.

Local Hubs

At the hub level, an organization buys a membership that allows them to frame suggested common interest points — individual users can certainly expand the range of topics beyond those defined by an organization. These points would simply serve as suggested prompts.

A university may use it for freshman orientation so that relative strangers can  find those with common interests.  A large conference may use it to allow attendees to find those with common  interests within their field.  A commercial organization can create a hub so those who enter their store can  be asked questions to create customer interactions.  For example, a hardware  store could ask about one’s latest project and be able to link customers in  the store who have done such projects with those preparing to start.

C-Mi Global

At the global level, individuals can find others with common interests or questions.  You might be thinking about how to solve a problem in JavaScript, and discover that someone in the same airport lounge has expertise and is willing to have a conversation.  You might be contemplating a hobby in bee-keeping and discover that there is someone in the same coffee shop with experience in it.

As the Gig economy and remote working increasingly has people working alone, C-Mi provides a new opportunity to meet the community around you.


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Pay it forward because doing a good deed doesn’t cost a penny in our local hubs.

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