MINDAPPSTER as a Knowledge Ecosystem

MINDAPPSTER provides a knowledge ecosystem where participants not merely store and share knowledge, but experiment with innovative solutions on interdisciplinary integrations. The MINDAPPSTER knowledge ecosystem is dynamic and includes assessment of integrations that can further drive both course and curriculum development, thus providing higher efficiency to time and cost management.

The Value of Integrated Learning

Global workforce competition has been getting even more ambitious: AI is quickly learning to outperform their human colleagues across various fields, ranging from STEM to Humanities. Whereas AI is an intimidating competitor, there is one frontier it has not been able to achieve: integrative thinking, or solving new problems and producing new knowledge from interdisciplinary and cross-functional integrations. Our students will be participating in the knowledge economy that is no longer predictable. To succeed in the global knowledge economy, participants will need to adapt to changes by integrate different types of knowledge and skills.

Tools for Interdisciplinary Education

Innovative Higher Ed institutions and individual educators have been working on developing interdisciplinary approaches; even more so now, as employers are looking for versatile thinkers – not robotic performers. However, there have been no EdTech tools to support curriculum developers, instructional designers, faculty, and students in implementing, driving, and applying interdisciplinary integrations. And now there is: MINDAPPSTER

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GenEd 2.0

GenEd 2.0 creates interdisciplinary ecosystems for integrated studies and integrated curriculum.

GenEd 2.0 develops higher order cognitive skills to help students succeed in the integrated global economy and adds academic value to General Education courses.

With GenEd 2.0, students become active creators of interdisciplinary connections, as opposed to being passive consumers.

GenEd 2.0 does not limit users to prescribed linear structures of a course; it offers flexibility with content granularity and, most importantly, integrations between learning units to explore interdisciplinary connections.

GenEd 2.0 applications as an Interdisciplinary Tool

• General Education Programs
• Interdisciplinary research projects among faculty
• First Year Book Programs
• Intro to College Courses
• Competency Based Learning
• Programs designed for student self-direction and collaboration
• Testing and evolving curriculum from a student perspective


C-Mi (student edition and campus events edition) is a proximity app that is driven by matching academic and personal interests. C-Mi supports retention and acculturation into campus socio-academic environments.

C-Mi functions on a micro-level, connecting students by their interests, to increase student integration into your campus to increase retention.

Unlike social networking software that takes students away from physical interaction, C-Mi makes full use of your campus geography and brings together students in your campus spaces.

C-Mi Applications as a Retention Tool

• Freshmen Orientation
• Recruitment
• Campus Events

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