• GenEd 2.0

    Mobile LMS for Interdisciplinarity, Integrated Curriculum, and Systems Thinking

Explore Interdisciplinary Connections

  •  Within a course

  • Across selected courses

  • Within a program

  • Within an entire curriculum

Idea Incubation Spaces

GenEd 2.0 offers a unique “Linkage” structure that defies traditional discussion threads and sets up idea incubation spaces. Students develop and revise their ideas based on the feedback from the learning community.

GenEd 2.0 is a Knowledge Lab

Students and faculty can experiment with connecting topics and disciplines that have never been integrated before or they can reinforce interdisciplinary connections that are already known in the knowledge community.

Exportable Portfolio

The system collects all student’s activity to be exported as a portfolio. Students can export their portfolio with a limited or permanent access for review of their quantitative, qualitative, and systems thinking data.

An Individualized Map of Integrations

Students can view, in real time, their individualized map of interdisciplinary integrations. As students build new connections between topics and participate in knowledge construction, their map expands and reflects student’s skills in Integrated and Systems Thinking. Connections can be color-coded to distinguish between intra- and interdisciplinary integrations.

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